Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow ....... Wow

That 400 relay was simply amazing! Take that France ... trash talking the American relay team. To quote Monty Python:

I spit in your general direction
Go away or I shall taunt you a second time

Yea, I know, the character was French, but I'll co-opt it for our USA Men's Swimming team! Way to go guys. I watched it live and almost jumped up and shouted, but controlled myself .. everyone was asleep. So I was pumped up to a point where I couldn't sleep, so I watched ...

Mad Men

It was a dry episode overall. Betty is losing touch with reality. She's under the impression that she and Don are a team ... uhhhhhhh, Don is a team of 1. Betty would die if she knew what Don was doing in that bathroom, eeeeeuuuuuuuu!!! I hope Betty comes to her senses. The guy in the stables is a better match for her. She thinks she's so tough, but boy was she shaking lighting up that smoke outside the stables. I really like Cooper ... he's so cool. Harry is such a wuss. Completely intimidated, acts like a girl seeing his co-workers paycheck and then settles for 225??? And then goes home and acts like he owns the place. What a dork. Rule number 1 in salary negotiation .... never take the first offer.

I'm on Olympics overload. I still don't get team handball. I'm enjoying the women's basketball games. Talk about dominating! And the men's team actually looks like they WANT to win, not have it bestowed upon them. Looks like the Chinese women's gymnastics team are a bunch of cheaters. The girls are supposed to be 16 and it's pretty obvious that they are not. The IOC only requires a passport ... a government document that a government who wants to have their state sponsored athletes dominate ... get my drift. This is terrible. China is such a "what is on the surface" place. It's beautiful, the opening ceremonies ... how clean everything is, but there's a seedy underbelly at play here. I adore the Olympics, but these Chinese Olympics are a scary state run propaganda campaign. There I said it. I'm not a big GO USA kind of gal, but I may start cheering for everyone but the Chinese.

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